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Custom Tailors Chiang Mai Thailand

Custom Tailors Chiang Mai Thailand

Modern clothes for those who want to innovate

The work of Moda Custom Tailors has led to know all over the world and to negotiate with people of different cultures and customs. Considered a great innovation in the world of fashion and the introduction of a new way of shopping, the trailer has a collection gathered from the international garments collection, fashion design.  We have noticed that fashion in Chiang Mai, Thailand is growing and offering space for new ideas. Many people with whom we talk about setting up the project prefer to buy fashionable clothes, both for the cost and the most modern cut and the distinctive finish of the pieces.  It is a microenterprise dedicated to the manufacture of clothing. It can specialize in clothes for ladies, gentlemen or children. The clothing business is very wide, it includes the making of custom-made clothing such as street clothes, trousers, dresses, school uniforms and suits, as well as the manufacture of clothing in quantity or wholesale, such as typical costumes, clothing Sports (divers, poles, shorts). According to the lawsuit, the company can sell the garments according to order, custom, retail or make in series to sell wholesale. Being the dress one of the main needs of the human being, the activity of confections is an opportunity to start a successful business. If you are searching for

Custom Tailor Based in Chiang Mai, Thailand
The clients of a clothing company are all people, men, and women. According to the specialization, the clients can be ladies, gentlemen or children of different ages and companies. The main competitors are the other businesses dedicated to garments located within the geographical scope of the business. Also, it can be mentioned as competitors to the businesses that are dedicated to the commercialization of clothes elaborated in other zones. The prices of the clothes are very varied; they depend on the quality of the material used for the clothing, the place of origin of the fabrics, the place of purchase, among other considerations.  Knowing the costs of production, you can set the sales prices of the products, also considering the prices of the competition and the ability to pay the customer. The business should be located, preferably in places where many people travel as main streets, markets, and fairs. Relate to clothing merchants, parents of schools and teachers to promote the business. 

Moda Custom Tailors provide good customer service. If possible, the owner should attend to the client, offering catalogs with models of clothing and supporting him when choosing the models, colors, quality of the material, etc. The way to market the clothing depends on the market to which the production is oriented. The company that manufactures to the measure, sells its products in the own establishment.  Retailers market their products on-site and through retail stores or at market stalls and fairs. Those who make clothes in series, sell the production in the establishment and in retail stores wholesale. In the manufacture of wholesale clothing generally, the following operations are performed: Review and choice of materials (fabric and supplies), Laying the fabric, Drawing patterns, Cutting off parts of the model, Enabled of the parts, Arming the garment and Finishing.

In the case of tailor-made confections, the process begins with taking measurements, determining the model of clothing to be made, cutting fabric and sewing the garment. In the cases of typical costumes, the embroidery works are very important, also the applications of precious stones and adornments. Moda Custom Tailors are Experts in the clothing business. The main materials used in the production of garments are fabrics, threads, closures, buttons, brooches, labels, and packaging. The costs depend on the quality, provenance, and place of purchase. to know more about Custom Tailor Based in Chiang Mai.